Zoe Lohmann

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What sustains me is knowing where I’ve COME FROM and where I am GOING. I finally feel that I am in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME. I find that I have begun to understand a lot about the world i live in, and these truths help me along and reassure me, no matter if they are good or bad. I feel somewhere between 1000 and 5 years old. I find the most calming feeling I can think of is that I AM ALONE WITH MYSELF IN THE UNIVERSE. I am responsible for my choices and my furture. When I achieve something, I can be PROUD OF MYSELF. When I FUCK UP it’s up to me to fix it. I believe that all you need is COMMITMENT & DETERMINATION. I have to love myself before I can have a healthy relationship with other people, so I embrace myself with my QUIRKS, WEIRD HABITS, UNIQUE BODY and SOUL. I have found friends who love me for being who I am. EVERYTHING WE BEGIN BECOMES WHAT WE MAKE OF IT.

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