Each of us has a story to tell – compiled from the rich reservoir of our history, our life experiences, our creative vision and the distinctive details that make us unique. At RISD these stories intersect, overlap and are stitched together by our shared passion for creativity. Together they create the beautifully diverse tapestry that is RISD – that makes our community so strong.

The RISDiversity: Community Narratives project was created in 2011 to offer faculty, staff, students and alumni an opportunity to use their voices to inspire others about the impact each of us can make in the world. The project provides a glimpse into the hearts and minds of the eclectic individuals who make up the RISD community.

The exhibition by the same name features a series of portraits by photographer, author, and educator Adam Mastoon, accompanied by powerful text and artwork created by RISD staff, faculty, students, and alumni willing to share their voices and vision with the community.

The collection of portraits provides an inspiring and insightful look into the unique and authentic lives of its subjects, their journeys, and stories.

Adam Mastoon utilizes the power of images and narratives to celebrate diversity in communities nationwide.