Rachelle Crosby

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i Love my sisters, my plants, and dogs. i Love my ZAMi. i Love my moms grey hair and my own. i Love my one and only brother. i Love my sisters smile and her signs. i Love cedar. i Love Red chile and deer meat in stews. Love my boo. i Love red lipstick and thick eyebrows, the sound of the train and the sky color of desert monsoon. i Love the touch, the calls, red wine, gold jewelry and stones. i Love that my dads hair is longer than mine. i Love my homegirls and staying up too late. i Love sex, fine tip pens and red wine, women with thick thighs and lip. i Love Tupac. i Love my granddaddy and his funny way of speaking. i Love my culture and our timeless dresses. i Love adjectives and my dads perspective. i Love black. i Love myself. i Love, Love.

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