Pamela Chávez

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My life story has blessed me with the ability to see STRUGGLES & HARDSHIPS as MOMENTS TO LEARN, LOVE, FEEL, PAIN & GROW. Some of the most important elements in my life relate to my upbringing as a child of Costa Rican migrant workers. I’ve moved around my whole life, learning that the life of a migrant is as TOUGH as it is FRUITFUL. Another important element is my sexual identity; I am a QUEER LATINA, living life as openly & honestly as I can CON TODO CORAZON. I decided a few years ago to focus my passion on storytelling – both my own & others like me. I hope and dream that I can carry the voices of my community in ways that are HONEST & TRUE. I hope that the creation of these stories will reflect the DIGNITY, TRUTH & RESPECT that communities of color deserve. I hope to change the way that people of color and queer people of color are regarded in the social & political narrative. I hope that all the intentions I seek remain TRUE POSITIVE and UPLIFTING.

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