Martin Almonte

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I love to work hard. I want to be the hardest worker in my department. I don’t like people who are unmotivated and lazy. I hunt out problems and fix them. I am a skilled carpenter. In my home country, the Dominican Republic, I would sand and make things. My father taught me so I would have skills. My papa and I would play pool. I made the pool table with my dad. It doesn’t matter that I’m deaf. I am the same as others who can hear. I’m learning American Sign Language. Everything is visual to me. I know what I see and have to trust it. It’s what I have. I am the only deaf person I know here at RISD. It gets lonely sometimes being the only deaf person. Just because I don’t hear don’t think that I don’t know everything that’s going on. I want people to see a strong worker and someone who contributes. I always have my eyes open to find the treasure in the day. I love being at RISD.

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