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DOA- Dead on Arrival- That’s what the doctors said my fate could have been. When I was a child I was thrown into the windshield of a car in an auto accident. I had severe bleeding and might have died except that a bystander knew the pressure point to control the bleeding. I wound up with facial scars and lost most of my vision with one eye, but I survived. I always thought my life had been saved for a reason, and I thought the reason was that I would save a a life someday. As the years went by there was no child under the ice or burning building to rush into. Then one day as a young mother, I was watching my three children play.It came over me like an epiphany that if I had died as a child , these three children would never have been borm. I had already given back three-fold what had been given to me. I knew then that my purpose in life was to raise these three children to be responsible, caring adults, and I have done that to the best of my ability. So what does that mean for me now. It means I am not afraid of dying. Every day I have had since day eleven has been a gift, and I am not greedy for more. And about these facial scars, I’d like to say that I think of them as my red badge of courage or as marks of my character, but actually I really hate them!

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