Kasia Matlak

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Industrial Design ’17

I am a researcher and a strategist with a background in industrial design. I am passionate about improving living conditions for people of all abilities. I focus on disability issues because I believe they are a gateway to a more inclusive and tolerant world. I enjoy getting to know the people that I design for and emphasize including them in the design process. I like to talk with and understand what people experience and feel.

We are each born with a particular set of physical characteristics; our bodies have different abilities and limitations. The conceptual prosthetic socket I designed is an interface between human and machine. The capabilities of a residual limb can be compromised due to an injury or physical limitation. This prosthetic socket contains a hybrid of flexible and rigid materials. The rigid materials provide support and correspond to the soft tissue of the body. The flexible materials provide comfort and protect the areas with hard tissue. With my designs I aim to create support and flexibility.

As humans we are all variable. Creating the world to accommodate people of varying abilities builds a more able and resilient society. I design to promote a more inclusive world.