Janet Hoyte

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My aunt and my mom are my mentors and role models. My mom has taught me to be STRONG and always stay POSITIVE. They both taught me that there is no OBSTACLE too big or too much for me to overcome. They have always told me “What doesn’t break you makes you stronger” and to never regret any experience GOOD or BAD becaise it has lead me to the the person I can look in the mirror everyday at and be PROUD. They are always pushing me to be BETTER by the way they live their lives and to NEVER settle for “NO” when there is a possibility of a “YES” most important of all in EVERYTHING no matter how small give GOD thanks. My aunt is one of the strongest women I know. She LOVES hard and FIGHTS harder for what she BELIEVES in and NEVER gives up. She INSPIRED me to go to college, to NEVER stop learning and to be the BEST parent I can be.

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