HyoYoon “Brenda” Han

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There are so many girls who dream about becoming a ballerina. But I was different. The dance studio was my life. Every day I was in my own world practicing my pirouettes and choreography. People were amazed at how easily I danced on my toes like a professional. On a big performance day, as I was performing a split leap, I fell to the floor. My ankle had fractured once again, and my performance was over. My doctors and my parents told me to end my ballerina dream. I could not do anything until my ankle healed. I could not hop, skip, or run like the other children. But I decided to take the risk by continuing to do ballet classes. I would not live with regrets. After recovering, I returned to ballet classes. As I danced to the music, I began to draw in the air with the movements of my arms and hands. My love for the visual arts started to build off of my passion for ballet. As I drew my arms up and down, I could see a picture of the dance with an imagined pencil in my hands and a paper in front of me. I began to realize that all of this beauty was not limited to the stage. If I had not taken the greatest risk, I would not have realized my true and deep and full passion for the arts.

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