Gina Borromeo

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Being in this community of creative people who appreciate art in all its forms is something I try not to take for granted. I love going around a corner and finding something completely unexpected. Just happening upon a surprise like that is very much like being given an unexpected gift. The crossing currents of creativity and constant learning around here have affected me positively. Since coming to work at RISD, I’ve taken classes in glass and ceramics. I think being here also played a huge role in motivating me to take piano lessons again at the age of 48. I took piano lessons as a child but my teacher quit on me early on. She told me I was tone-deaf. I carried that belief and the stigma around with me. In high school music class I mouthed the words to songs but never allowed my voice to come out. I’m even self-conscious about singing “Happy Birthday” too loudly at family gatherings. While my piano playing doesn’t produce beautiful music, the process of learning and practicing has been wonderful. I wonder what’s next?

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