Duhirwe Rushemeza

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I believe that living in many different countries around the world – moving from one place to the next – has made me who I am today. Had the locations been reversed – or some omitted – I would be a radically different individual. I was born in RWANDA. Soon after my family moved to Bonn, GERMANY, then to the U.S.A. – Lubbock, Texas before moving to Ithaca, NY. We moved to Abidjan, CÔTE D’ IVOIRE when I was 14. A couple of years later, my twin sister Liliane, and I returned to the U.S.A. for school. We lived in Tennessee; Long Island, NY; and Atlanta, GA. I also resided in Florence, ITALY, Chicago, IL and New York, NY. My family has recently also called Rome, ITALY; Harare, ZIMBABWE; and Montreal Quebec, CANADA… HOME. Having lived in many diverse places, Global issues – such as those lead to war or environmental issues – are very important to me. Everything I do in my creative field, even subtly, reflects these concerns… I am especially interested in how different people from varying cultures around the globe relate to each other.

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