Deanna Casanovas

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Nobody ever guesses that I’m Cuban. Both my parents are of Cuban descent. My mother was born in Placetas, Cuba and came to the US at the age of 7 with her family. My father was born in NYC and lived in a small apartment in Hell’s Kitchen with a shared bathroom and makeshift shower in the kitchen.

My parents met in high school and have been married for 39 years – they dated for five years and all of their dates were chaperoned by one of my mother’s brothers. They are far from perfect but their love is perfect, profound, and true.

I am the oldest of three girls. My parents worked hard to afford us all of the luxuries they did not have as kids, and they raised three of the coolest gals around.

Their love for each other and for family will be carried on for generations to come – as will their compassion, kindness, and free-spiritedness.

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