Adam Blake

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IF I AM AS STEREOTYPICAL AS IT GETS. I am a fruity flouncy bouncy skinny white gay boy who would rather prance somewhere than drive. Growing up “different” in any sense is hard but it’s especially difficult when you are everything gay culture represents. Well, not everything. I barely thought I was anything other than a boy who wanted to do his hair differently and who had an unquestionable crush on Frederick from The Sound of Music. But then people put me on a billboard as “Gay!” A poster child spokesperson. Girls always came to talk to me about boys, and boys didn’t know how to talk to me about anything other than the fact that they like girls. I’m not saying that I’m upset that I fit a stereotype, cuz I’m not. I will not be upset that I am who I am. All I’m saying is that I’d prefer people to see me as the boy who skips everywhere rather than the gay boy who skips everywhere. I love being gay. Love it to pieces. But I love prancing and flitting about even more. People don’t always realize that it’s not cuz I’m gay, it’s cuz I’m Adam, who just happens to be a big fan of boys who are 6’3”.

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